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Frequently Asked Questions


How to pick the right Permanent Makeup Artist?

Treat it as serious as picking the right doctor, dentist, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  We're talking about your face... And Permanent Makeup is Permanent!  The best way to find the right technician, is to schedule a consultation over the phone or preferably in person.  Ask plenty of questions about how the procedure is done.  Make sure they use a topical numbing agent.  Some technicians don't use one, and you should know I have one available for every procedure.  Ask if they use Iron-oxide free (lead free) pigments.. MADE IN THE USA. This is the only type of pigment I use.  Be sure the location of your procedure is sanitary.  Ask to see the equipment that will be used.  Disposable equipment is the easiest way to avoid contamination, but some technicians may use an autoclave for sanitation. Take a look at their portfolio of  before & after pictures, and confirm that they actually performed the work in the photographs.  Check to see if your technitcian had any permanent makeup done of her own.  If so, they can speak from experience wen answering your questions, and have a true understanding of the entire process.

How much should Permanent Makeup cost?

Remember, this is a lifetime investment in yourself.  Shopping for competitive pricing is smart, but don't take chances looking for the best bargain; remember, sometimes you get what you pay for... Permanent Makeup is an art, and when applied correctly, can beautifully enhance your looks.  When performed incorrectly, however, it can be disastrous.  You may already be the unfortunate victim of inferior work.  Fortunately there are a few options available to you.  Look for a qualified permanent makeup arts who specializes in correction work.  I have helped hundreds of clients by correcting someone elses work.  If your problem is extreme, you can research laser treatments that remove pigment.  Unfortunately, such lasers are still being perfected and don't come cheap.  Do yourself a favor and get it done correctly the first time, from the best technician you can find.

Is it really Permanent?.... Why do people sometimes need a touch up?

Through the process of micro-pigmentation, color (pigment) is implanted into the dermal layer of your skin.  This pigment remains in the body, under the skin for a very long time.  You might also hear this process referred to as "Semi-Permanent Makeup," because over time, the color will gradually fade.  Thus, many clients choose brighten up with a touch up once in a while.

Can Men get Permanent Makeup too?

Believe it or not, some men can benefit from Permanent makeup.. Some men experience hair loss where they lose their eyebrows.  I have helped men put symmetry back to their face by adding natural eyebrow stokes.  Some men also have issues with spot balding.  I have used permanent makeup to fill in receding hairlines, which has helped to raise confidence and self esteem.

Does it hurt?

Most of my clients are pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they are during my procedures.  I use a clinical grade numbing agent, and make every pass with my needle count.  Now I can't speak for all technicians out there, because in the wrong hands, permanent can feel quite invasive.  The quality of the equipment, the skill and compassion of the artist, and whether or not they use a good numbing agent, all play a factor.

What to expect after treatment?

Some redness or light swelling is normal for eyeliner and lip procedures, and occasional for eyebrows.  This can last a couple hours to a couple days.  If there is any tenderness or swelling, you can treat it with a cold compress.  Don't be alarmed if the color seems darker than expected for the first week or so. It will soften as the skin heals over the new tattoo. It will take about 4 weeks for the skin to completely heal over the new color.  The skin will go through stages which can include sloughing, peeling, flaking, and even seem to fade/blanche out a bit.  This is all normal. After about 4 weeks, you will see the beautiful true results, and know for sure how much color retention you have.  At that time, you and your technician can determine what, if any touch up work is needed.